#RainbowBabyHour | January 2021

Breaking News!

#RainbowBabyHour is moving to Instagram!

The Willow’s Rainbow Box team have thought long and hard about Rainbow Baby Hour for 2021 and have decided that it should move to Instagram this year.

The aspect of being able to share your experiences confidentially is what we think makes it so popular on there and we understand that.

We still have posts to share with you from last week’s topic of medical intervention in pregnancy after loss, but in the meantime we wanted to let you know our schedule for the next few months.

It will take place on the first Monday of each month for 1hr in our Instagram stories. These stories then stay live for 24hrs meaning more of you can take part (another reason we think it’s popular on there).

As we’ve done so far we will run a series of polls/questions and then share the results/feedback with you all.

For those completely new to #RainbowBabyHour it’s an opportunity for us all to provide peer support and share our experience of pregnancy after loss – you are not alone!

To our Twitter family – we’re not abandoning you! We will still continue to share the results and feedback on Twitter too (and Facebook) and you can still interact with us on there using the hashtag.

Hopefully this all makes sense, but please get in touch with any questions.

#RainbowBabyHour – Medical Intervention & Pregnancy After Loss

What was your experience in accessing medical intervention?

Here are some of our poll results…

  • Around 60% of you had some kind of medical intervention in pregnancy after loss, regardless of number of losses.
  • Given that the NHS class recurrent miscarriage as 3 or more losses, it’s interesting to see the percentage of people accessing medical intervention before this point, which of course is positive (bearing in mind we know not all losses are miscarriage).
  • When you experience baby loss, being told that you need to go through it 2 more times before anyone will do anything to help can feel heartbreaking.
  • Over two thirds of those that took part in our poll said they had consultant led care in pregnancy after loss.
  • Nearly half said they found it difficult to access medical intervention in pregnancy after loss.
  • Just over a third of you got an answer as to why your baby died and for those that did, two thirds said this resulted in medical intervention for future pregnancies.

Here is what some of those who joined us for #RainbowBabyHour had to say…