Practical Tips

It can help to feel organised and to have practical tips on how to cope during a new pregnancy after loss. Here are some tips for you as the other parent…

  • Ask and prepare! Sit down together and prepare questions to ask healthcare staff. If you can’t attend antenatal appointments in person, ask to be present by phone or video. Ask about procedures, pain relief, policies etc and arm yourself with the knowledge to help you feel confident.
  • Think about your baby – give yourself nice things to think about during the pregnancy. What will they look like? What team might they support? Allow yourself time to think positively and enjoy the journey. Consider how to create memories with your baby.
  • Prepare a birth plan together. Consider how you might deal with unexpected situations during labour. Think about what to pack for your hospital bag. We have a birth plan prompt template available here for you to explore together.

Hospital Bag Ideas

If you are going to be at the birth, make sure you help to pack the bag so that you know where everything is. Here are some ideas:

  • Phone charger
  • Plenty of snacks and drinks
  • A water bottle (sports bottles are handy)
  • Copy of the birth plan
  • Comfortable clothing (something homely!)
  • Deodorant and toothpaste to freshen up
  • Spare hair bobble for your partner
  • Face wipes to freshen you both up! 
  • Disposable camera as a back up
  • Spare t shirt
  • Book or kindle for the quiet moments
  • Music playlist