Black Baby Loss Mini Series

Baby loss affects all communities. However, there is inequity and disparity among loss statistics – relating to ethnicity. Furthermore, baby loss is still a big stigma in some communities.

The purpose of our Mini Series is to give people a platform to tell their stories – anonymously if they wish to – and to help break the silence around baby loss. We began last year with our baby loss in different communities project on our website, starting with the South Asian Baby Loss Mini Series.

Our Black Baby Loss Mini Series is the second in our series of baby loss in different communities. The stillbirth rates for black babies are over twice as high as for white babies. Neonatal death rates are 45% higher (MBRRACE, 2020). There is a lot of disparity for maternity outcomes for black people and families.

Would you like to share a story with us for our series? We know how difficult this subject is – you will be listened to and signposting offered for you when sharing your story with us.

Alishia's Story

Karl's Story

Danielle's Story

Elizabeth's Letter

Elizabeth's Story