Get a Rainbow Box

Box Application Form

    *At present we can only provide boxes throughout England. We will update this list as our resources grow. The boxes will be posted.

    Data protection statement:

    We are requesting your contact details to ensure we can contact you regarding your box should there be any issues. We also hold these details in case there is a need for recall of the box or any of its items. We are interested in finding out where you heard about us from to help us understand how people become aware of our work. We are requesting your Midwife’s name and GP surgery so that we can ensure we are following the correct practises in relation to the provision of our boxes and connection with our organisation’s purpose. We will not contact your midwife or GP surgery in relation to this application or in relation to you at any time unless you have requested that we do so. We will not share your details with any third party. Your details will be kept on file for a maximum of 6 years and then be destroyed