Six months ago I collected the first Willow Rainbow Box ever. I miscarried 5 hours later in my own toilet.

I didn’t even had time to go through everything on the box and I put it away from my sight on the top shelf of my wardrobe.

Little did I know that a few months later I would get pregnant again. During a lockdown. If there’s little (close to no) support to pregnancy after loss, the pandemic just made everything 10 times worst. No face to face to appointments, unless absolutely necessary. No reassurance scan.

So I took that box out of my wardrobe, alongside with my hopes and dreams and here we are, for the first time ever to reach second trimester. Only because of the support and guidance from other ladies that have been through losses.

It is still as scary as it can be. You can never be completely recovered from 3 losses. But I would like to say a huge thank you to Willow’s Rainbow Box and the bereaved mothers out there that through pain found a way to help others.

– Anonymous